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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mid Month Goals

So I know it is the 15th of the month but...I only have 5 weeks left until this baby is due to arrive. 5 weeks! Being a plus size pregnant momma to be I have set a goals to make sure I am staying on track and to keep me motivated to be as healthy and fit as possible. I WANT TO END THIS PREGNANCY HEALTHIER THAN WHEN I FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT. And with just over a month to go until my due date there is nothing wrong with setting new goals mid month!

FIRST GOAL: Workout at least 5 days a week! 

I am starting a new workout program to DANCE THE BABY OUT! Yep! I am doing some good old Country Heat! I am not a country music fan, but the workout is low impact, and easy to follow and EVEN SIDED (meaning each move is done on both legs, not just one leg so you don't burn one leg out...did that make sense? It works both sides of the body) No wonder the results are so amazing with it! And after todays workout (during really) I was so pumped with endorphins it was amazing! And it was silly. I am not a dancer by any stretch of the imagination. But I still like to have fun and I DID! So win right there!
Busy moms, next month is for you because we are doing a DANCE PARTY to a) celebrate the kiddos going back to school, and b) getting your schedule of taking care of you, back on track! So...want to join? Send me an EMAIL, FILL OUT THIS FORM, or REQUEST TO JOIN HERE! (and because you are my blog you get early access to request to join, plus a free clean eating guide from me but you have to contact me for the details to get hooked up!)
SECOND GOAL: Drink More Water! 

I need to be drinking more water. EVERYONE needs to be drinking more water. But I have noticed that the days that I don't drink enough water...I have more Braxton Hicks contractions. I also get super moody too, and when I am in a crummy mood, and getting "practice" contractions, it makes for one mean mommy! So...Drink more water. I am aiming for at least half my body weight in ounces of water. And since my weight has gone up 21 pounds that means I have to drink even more. That is where I am falling short. I need to drink at least 130 ounces of water a day (rounding up). How am I going to do that, there's an app for that! My favorite app is Waterlogged. Easy to use and easy to stay on track!

THIRD GOAL: Have fun and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy! 

This could very well be my last pregnancy. We don't know if we are going to have any more kids, or if we will be blessed with any more children. Just never know. We are talking about it but nothing has been decided. Gotta get this one out first, ya know! So...time to just enjoy this pregnancy. Even though I have been categorized as high risk for most of the pregnancy, I no longer am. So now I can finally relax and have fun and I have faith in my body and in Elyse that she is doing great. Time to have fun and just enjoy being pregnant. Yes I have many times a day where I am uncomfortable. Where going up the stairs makes me breath like I just ran a mile, where I just can't stop feeling like I am breathing fire. But I still enjoy being pregnant and the feeling of her moving around. I don't want to forget that. So time to enjoy!

I encourage you to sit down today, and think about the monthly goals you set this month. Are you working at achieving them every day? Have you forgotten about them? Are you on track to meeting them? If not, what can you do now, to help you stay on track? WRITE THEM DOWN! POST IT SOMEWHERE! IT IS WORTH IT and YOU ARE WORHT IT TO TAKE CARE OF YOU! Don't ever forget that.

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