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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Every Day May Not Be Good...But There Is Something Good In Every Day!

Guess what?!? It's raining AGAIN in central VA! We had 17 days straight of rain in the last month. Then just a few glorious days of sunshine, then today. Rain all day long. I can look at this in either 2 ways...I HATE RAIN, it sucks because we have to stay indoors and with 2 boys that is so hard. OR, I LOVE RAIN! It is watering my grass for free. Making my flowers and garden grow. And we need the rain, since we didn't get enough snow this year.

I have had really great days and really, really crappy days. But I always try to find the good in my life. My miscarriage last year, was a HORRIBLE day, but I gained an understanding that it happened for a reason. That it was better that way. As hard as it was to go through it, I not only survived but I became STRONGER because of it!

You can choose to be happy in your life or you can choose to not be. You get to make that choice. Life isn't perfect for anyone but its important to be thankful for the good that we do have in our lives.

So how are you going to look at the day today? 

What is ONE thing that is GOOD in your life today? Comment below! Let's celebrate your amazing day! 

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