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Monday, May 30, 2016

Declutter The House: Round 1

(furnace room)

Last week I shared that we were going to start decluttering our house before Baby Elyse joins us. You can read about it HERE! And well, this past weekend was ROUND 1! And boy did we do great! Not only did we clean out one room, but our second storage room (furnace room)! And the second room, I wasn't even planning on doing, we like REALLY CLEANED IT OUT! There is almost nothing in there now which is great!

And in the main storage room (yes we have 2) a good portion of it is strictly baby stuff that will be pulled out and put throughout the house just before Elyse arrives! I think we did pretty well.

On top of cleaning it out, we donated a ton of Mason's old toys, with his permission and help, that he no longer plays with because he has so many,  plus many other items were donated as well. It took 2 trips in our van to get all the stuff to Goodwill. Which is GREAT! I am so pleased with our progress and honestly feel like a little weight has been lifted from my shoulders. continue and do other projects I have for myself...What to do next? Painting?

You can compare this first image of our main storage room to the lower 2 to see how much we actually did do! 

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