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Monday, May 23, 2016

How To Gain Self Confidence As a Plus Size Woman

245 pounds. That is how much I weigh right now, in this picture. Never thought I would ever share those numbers with anyone let alone everyone, but there it is!

But you know what? I don't see an uncomfortable person. I don't see someone hiding behind their smile, putting up a front, acting like they are happy. I see me. Truly happy. Truly feeling beautiful. Truly stunning. For the first time in my life, I am not judging and scrutinizing every single picture I take of myself because I finally see the beauty in myself. Many of these weekly pictures are happing on the first take which is ASTONISHING! But there it is. Just a girl who loves herself. Accepts herself as she is and is so proud of what she has become and done.
How did I get like this? Daily reading of positive uplifting materials that help me see me for who I am, now, and accept myself as I am. A big big portion of this whole getting healthy, changing your lifestyle stuff is personal development/changing your mindset.

Our team of coaches do it daily. I, for one, am so grateful I became a Coach as I honestly don't think I ever would have opened a book on how to improve myself. It is ingrained in us to do daily personal development, and it has changed my life more than anything else!
Because of personal development I can post pictures like this of myself, and my true weight, and feel proud of myself and see myself as a beautiful woman! And surrounding myself with people who lift me higher. Have you ever just looked at yourself and truly thought, "DAMN! I LOOK GOOD!" and not find something that needs to be better? This is true mental change. Be proud of who you are. Of the work you have done. 

My #1 tip to gain self confidence: 

See yourself for as you are because you are beautiful. We all have areas we want to be better. but that isn't the point. You have to love who you are, stretch marks, curves, and all to feel amazing in your own skin. Check out the book YOU ARE A BADASS to help you truly learn to love yourself for as you are now! But love yourself. Because this is the only life you have. You deserve to be happy. Work on you from the inside out! 

If you want to get this kind of self confidence, let's chat. EMAIL ME!!!  Let's get you hooked up with amazing materials that will give you the confidence you need to rock your life! 

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