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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Get Organized In Just 5 Days!

I had a major pregnancy/mom brain happen yesterday! I posted a picture and talked about how I HAD to get some more almond milk because I was out and I need it for my daily shake. Well, made it to the store and FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT, even though I had a list with me. Sad thing...I forgot to put it on the list in the first place! So it was like a double pregnancy brain whammy! UGH! It wasn't until I was at the second store (cause the first one didn't have everything I needed) that I remembered. I felt so silly. How could I forget something that I just thought of. And that is just the first thing I forgot to do. I have so many things I forget to do. So...I felt inspired. My FREE GROUP'S THEME WEEK is going to be about

And I want you to join us if you want to be better organized! I am in the process now of making printables, and lists of ideas for the group! It will not disappoint and I want you in there! We have so many things in our lives that distract us but we still have to be the "perfect mom" and remember everything. That ain't gonna happen...speaking of the perfect mom, have you seen the trailer for the new movie, BAD MOMS? Click the link and let me know what you think...See and I just got distracted again with what I was going to say. We all have things in our lives that WE CAN NOT FORGET and I want to help you with that. 

If you would like to join the FREE GROUP and get tips to help you be more organized in just 5 days, CLICK HERE TO JOIN! It is held through at PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, so you have to have an active facebook page (and if you don't click on the picture that says "CLICK HERE TO JOIN" and request to join the group I might not be able to get you added). Once you sign up,  MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THE picture to join the group to help you get STARTED NOW! Group officially begins the 23rd, but don't wait till then to sign up. You might forget about it! 

Want more daily motivation and inspiration? Click here get free advice, support and encouragement + a free copy of my Clean Eating guide to help you get started on your health and fitness journey! 
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