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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Some days we just don't want to do it, do it anyways. We all have days where we feel like crap, emotionally more than physically. Where we just wanna curl up in bed. But...exercising can help you feel a little better. It can help you realign things going on mentally. It can help you have a little more energy. It can help you just feel more balanced and in control.

Today was one of those days for me that I mentally am just spent. I am scared about summertime. Mason and I have just been butting heads like crazy lately. And I don't know how to make him happy. He is making me feel like the worst mom. It is the hardest thing mentally. I know I am not a bad mom but it still feels like it sometimes. 
Today I needed my alone time. I needed my exercise and I am feeling a little better, but still have things to sort out mentally. I didn't give up. I worked harder and did it despite feeling like crap!  We all have those days. Instead of staying in bed all day (like I wanted to) get up, move and take care of you!

How to get that motivation to keep going? 
Think about WHY you started exercising in the first place. 
Think about how exercise makes you feel after you finish. 
Think about what you accomplished because of adding in exercise. 
Think about how you have changed for the better! 

These are the ways that get me off my butt, and pressing play everyday! 

Have you ever had days where you didn't want to do something but you did it anyways and felt better after?

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