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Monday, May 16, 2016

I Workout Because...

Over the years my reason to workout has changed so much. Originally it was to lose weight to get pregnant because having PCOS made me gain more weight and also difficult to lose weight. Or to lose weight for an upcoming trip with the family.

Now it is so much more. I almost died last year. I have been given a second chance to be with my family. To live a life. And darn it, I better not waste it! That means being the best that I can be. That means taking care of me everyday. That means actually working my butt off to find time to exercise and eat better ever single freaking day. I have come up with emotional and physical reasons that actually rock me to the core on why I choose to exercise and eat healthy every single day. It is so much more than just for my family but it is for me too! It is apart of me and is the main reason why I have changed my lifestyle.

Need help finding your why? Ask yourself these 5 questions!

1.  What makes you come alive?
2. What has happened in the past that made you really think you need a change?
3. How will it affect those around you if you decided to not change and if you decided to change?
4. How would you feel if you stayed the same and never felt?
5. What are you willing to do to get the results you want?

I challenge you to sit down today and think about why you want to exercise. why you want to eat better. And if it doesn't have you crying or emotional dig deeper! Now the second part of this is to WRITE IT DOWN and place it where you see it everyday! Don't just think about it, put it into action! 

Want more help in finding your why and/or achieving your goals? Let's work together. I am a virtual health and fitness motivator, support and educator. This is what I do. Through online private groups and personal emails I help people just like you rock your workouts, and balance your life to achieve your goals!  Send me an email and let's chat! 

What is your reason? Comment below!

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