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Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Week 4 Workout Recap

~Sorry for the messy background, just keeping it real!~

I'm back with my workout recaps! YEA! Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks postpartum. I forgot to schedule my postpartum checkup with my doc so I will be doing that tomorrow to get the official "all clear" for exercise even though I know he will. That being said, I did not run 20 miles last week. Actually the only "actual" exercise I did was yesterday.

My first postpartum run/walk: I did 2 miles and I wasn't planning on running but when the leader of the running group started to jog I was quickly getting left behind so I did a slow jog. It felt funny but good. As the jog continued with various walking breaks (jog down the hills and walk up) everything started to feel better. I took a break at the base of the "big hill" that was on our route to cheer all the other ladies on. Then when the rest of the stroller group came back around we were on our way back to the track. I decided that I was going to run up the big hill. Nice and slow, pushing my stroller with Collin in it made it up at the top. My legs burned SOOOOO GOOD! It was awesome! I felt great. the remainder of the route I continued to do run/walk intervals and ended running the last .10th mile or so. I am super excited with how well it went. I felt strong and in control of my body at the end of the run. I wasn't breathing hard or over did it. I looked like I had though since I am a red head and I get pink faces super easy! But it just felt so great to get that blood pumping in my legs.

Running with a stroller: IS HARD WORK! You don't have your arms to help force the momentum of your legs. I think that is why my legs were burning in different places than usual. And I am a little sore today, which is to be expected, but I am sore in different places than usual. I had to keep reminding myself not to grip the handle of the stroller as I ran so that I was as relaxed as possible. But what a workout it is. I am thinking now of how easy running might become when I stop pushing the stroller to run.

First workout week: This week will be my first week back to working out. I won't be at the gym because I am not teaching yet and other reason so this will all be at home work outs. We shall see how it goes. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do on the different days but I know I will have a yoga day, a leg day and a core day and next Saturday is another training run. YEA! Here is to my week back!

Saturday: 2 miles

Total mileage: 2 miles
~6/21 Saturday training~
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