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Friday, June 13, 2014

In vs. Out

While I was pregnant I felt I knew Collin's personality pretty well. He would always react the exact same way to certain things or not react to them. So I figured that he would be the same way when he was out of me. Boy was I wrong! This kid is completely opposite from what I was thinking. Even the color of his hair was the opposite of what I thought. I imagined him to be super dark brown hair with blue eyes. He is as blond as they come, still has blue eyes though. Here are some other things I thought I knew so well about him from before.
~Brotherly Love! Mason is holding and gives frequent hugs and kisses to his baby brother!~

Super Active Baby: 
IN: While I was pregnant especially during the last 2 months Collin was a crazy active baby. He would kick the crap out of my ribs, and bladder. Or stretch as much as he could, ALL. THE. TIME! I would often double over in surprise and slight pain from his stretching or kicking or bobbing or whatever the heck he was doing in there.

OUT: He is a super chill baby. He barely moves, though he does like to keep both hands up by his face and stretch his legs out but he just doesn't move all that much.
~Daddy snuggle time!~

Running Like Movement Needed:
IN: When I was pregnant I heard all the stories of how babies from mommy's that liked to run needed constant movement to sleep or calm down. Often when I ran Collin would move for a bit then I would feel nothing. I would forget that I am pregnant sometimes, until he moved on my bladder or something. I just assumed that he would be the typical running baby and require movement, bouncing, or something to sooth him.

OUT: You know what they say when you ASSuME. He does not need movement. Actually he is quite the opposite. He doesn't like to be moved. AT ALL! He just wants to sleep soundlessly in one position. Often on my chest or next to me on the bed. He does take naps in the swing in the mornings so I can have a normal breakfast with Mason, but he startles easily. But I made it out easy with this kid. No roaming the house in the middle of the night trying to calm him down. All I have to do to calm him down is feed him or stop changing his diaper. He is that chill!
~He doesn't mind being worn! So glad cause I have my Ergo carrier and this ring sling.~

IN: When I would play in the symphony or during piano lessons Collin would stop moving and just sleep the whole time. (opposite from Mason who would kick to the beat of the music, no joke!) I would have to poke Collin to get some kind of reaction. He would move when the oboe would play in a solo, not sure what that means!

OUT: Whenever there is loud music playing, and mainly classical, Collin will wake up and listen for quite some time and be quite alert. He is just so curious about it. Maybe I should have my friend play their oboe for him to see what kind of a reaction he will do now?!?
~Out cold, in the swing during breakfast! He sleeps with his mouth open when on his back! No snoring, yet. Super cute!~

Deep Breathing: 
IN: During yoga or when I would listen to my HypnoBirthing CD's he would squirm and act like he didn't like it at all. I just thought that it was taking up room. Squishing him more than he wanted to be squished.

OUT: If I want him to fall asleep quickly all I have to do is deep breath. If he is on my chest sleeping or next to me on the bed, he will hone in on my deep breathing and his eyes will just get heavy and  fall down and he is out. It even works with Matt. It is the weirdest thing I have found with him. HE LOVES IT! And he is out cold for 2-2.5 hours when I deep breath him asleep.

There you have it. Some of the most impressive opposites from this kid. He is totally different than I thought he would be. I even thought he would cry all the time, but he doesn't he is such a chill, even tempered baby. I am so thankful for that by the way!
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