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Friday, June 13, 2014

Woman's 4 Miler Training Program

Alright C-ville and surrounding ladies! TOMORROW MORNING is the first day of training! Bright and early at 7AM! Here are a couple of things to know about your first day.

Be on time or early (Registration begins at 6:15am!) You are going to be super excited to be there anyhew and will more than likely be there early but there are a couple of reasons why you need to be a little early.

If you haven't already picked up your welcome packet from ACAC (you can today between 11am-1pm and 5-7pm at the Albemarle Square ACAC Location) you will need to stop by the registration table to SEE ME! (Well, not just me but I will be working at the registration table tomorrow ;)) You will stop there first to get your welcome packet and stuff! Or register for the program if you haven't already! (cash or check only it's only $20)

When you go up the stairs you will be handed a raffle ticket. HANG ON TO IT! (Another reason to be on time, to get your tickets for the raffle) Then there might be some tents set up with stuff on them. Check it out. Then make your way to the bleachers and find a seat. They will fill up quickly tomorrow! Then wait and enjoy the music and show in front of you!

BRING A TOWEL WITH YOU! The bleachers can be wet some days and after your run there is stretching on the grass, and to avoid being covered with grass blades or track pellets bring a towel to sit on.

At the beginning of each training day there are announcements and a guest speaker. Then the raffle. You do not want to miss them! Last year I wanted the Garmin running watch so badly!

Pink Pammie will explain the groups to you and how you fit in one and to find the right one. If you start in one and decide that it doesn't work, either not enough or too hard, you can change groups.

When you get into your groups. Say "hi" to at least 1 person, EVERY WEEK. This is what makes this fun. Having a friend to come back to and talk to the next week. Seriously it is so fun. I often would chat with a girl in the same pace group as me. Or we would push each other, right VAL! Run to the next light pole together then make it to the next one, together. It is awesome to see each others progress each week and to do it together!

After the running there is group stretching, YEA SARGE T! Then it is time to go home until next week. The program is seriously so much fun! The pink ladies make it fun!

Don't forget to meet us PINK LADIES! You will get to know us during the weeks. Last year they helped me so much on my runs. Gave me encouragement when I needed it and last year boy did they push me to push myself. They knew I could do it before I did! THANKS DEB!

When you get home (or today after reading this),  JOIN the W4MTP Facebook page for community support and news on the training program. And there is a TWITTER account for them too!

Have fun! Enjoy this experience. If you haven't registered, it's ok. Go to ACAC today or stop by the tables tomorrow to register. YOU DON'T HAVE TO RUN to participate in this program. The women's 4 miler is a run/walk race. Please, do this for yourself, your family, or whatever the reason to do this is. It is an amazing program run by an amazing lady with amazing volunteers for an amazing cause. Come on out and join us! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!
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