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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day!

If there is a National doughnut day, or National pancake day, you better believe that there is a NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! TODAY! So Happy National Running Day Today!

Great things about running:

Everyone is friendly: I have made so many friends in the running community both on and off the web! I am so excited to see my friends a week from Saturday at the 4 miler training program! I can't wait to meet my friends I have made over the web!

Races are addictive: When you do one race, you are GOING to do another. Humans are competitive by nature and we want to do better each time we do something. Running is purely a progressive exercise. You can literally see how much you improve with each race through your hard work and training. It just takes hard work and training!

Exercise Makes Us Happy: People who exercise are generally more happy. (see Legally Blond the movie!) It hops us up full of endorphins. It's an antidepressant. (maybe this is why I have been a bit of a grump in the last couple of weeks cause I haven't and can't exercise)

Live Longer: Exercise helps our heart which can help us live longer. Plus keeps us more healthy and make healthier choices in our food choices.

Feel Better About Yourself: when I am exercising I feel better about myself. I feel more sexy, I feel more confident. I just feel better. Plus I am now looking at super cute running apparel! Check out Kiava. Love their sports bras and tops!

Happy National Running Day Today everyone! Hope you have a great day running. I will be running with you in spirit as I still can't run quite yet.
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