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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Much Needed Help

The past few weeks we have had help here at the house helping out with Mason and me and baby Collin when he arrived. My mom arrived on the 13th of May to help with Mason and of course after Collin arrived she was always available to help hold Collin so that I could get a nap or do some much needed things around the house or even to take a shower!
~Collin on his Blessing Day~

My dad arrived the 25th to spend some time with us as well. So thankful for their help around the house and helping to take care of us. We had a great time watching movies and hanging out together and enjoying the blessings of new life.
~GMA (Gummy) With Collin~

This past weekend my in-laws arrived along with my sister in law for a few days. We have had quite a full house over the weekend. Yesterday was Collin's big day for our religion. It was his baby blessing where he is given a name and then a blessing. So we had both sides of the family in town to be part of the big day.
~GPA (Guppy) with Collin~

But all good things come to an end. My parents left to go back to Arizona today, :( super sad am I. I love having my family here and watching them "oo" and "ah" over my children. It only took us 9 years to get Mason here. My mom loves little babies, just like anyone else does. It is so beautiful to see my mom with my children.

My in-laws are here until Friday then Matt and I are on our own. EEK! A little nervous for that but all good things must come to an end, right? But until Friday I am still enjoying the much needed help that I am receiving from my family!
Collin Blessing Day- 13 days old
Mason Blessing Day- 2 days old
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