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Monday, June 16, 2014

4 Weeks

Guess who is 4 weeks old???? Yep, Collin! I can't believe 4 weeks ago this little guy joined the world. It has flown by and it is kind of crazy but I feel like I have know him longer than just 4 tiny little weeks (+ 9months). It is almost like he has always been part of our family. I have heard other people say that and thought they were crazy but I get it now. He just fits into our life so easily. Mason loves him, I love him and Matt loves him (when he is not crying in his arms!)
~His really pissed off face!~
~Brotherly love!~

How are things going? Pretty well! Collin is growing, getting chunkier and loves to eat and sleep. He doesn't cry. In all honesty he really doesn't. He cries mostly when someone else is holding him (i.e. Matt), when he is hungry and when he is getting his diaper changed. He sleeps like ALL. THE. TIME! Most of my pictures of him are of him sleeping, plus he is so cute when he is sleeping!

How has life changed? Not really too much. Now that I have survived 1 week with all family back home, and Matt back at work full time I have pretty much stuck with the same schedule we had before Collin (B.C., haha!) Mason was so well trained in his schedule that Collin just fits into it. Mason climbs into be with us in the morning while I nurse Collin and rest a little longer. Then Collin rests in his swing while Mace and I eat breakfast as usual. Then we go to the basement for playtime, go outback or now to the park or just together time. Then "Mommy quiet time" for Mason at 12:30ish. Collin eats then naps for a couple hours then Daddy comes home. It really has been an easy transition. And at this very moment, the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean and my main floor in my house is CLEAN! (Feeling accomplished!)
~Family TV time on Father's Day~

What about exercise for the momma (that's me!)? Well, I am not cleared to exercise yet. Haven't had my postpartum appointment yet. I did run about 100 ft last week to my car in the parking lot and things just felt funny and off in my belly. My body is not ready for it. My legs loved it though it was my belly that didn't. I wasn't planning on running quite yet anyhow but I would like to start doing some other exercises before I start running, like squats and other strength training exercises to get that back first.

Anything else??? Well, I am addicted to sugar. So my goal is to start trying to cut out how much sugar we have in the house. When family was here we had a constant array of sweets and treats in the house. Not to mention the cookies I made for Matt last week, and the cupcakes we got for Fathers's Day yesterday. Yep, lots of sweets. I have been getting headaches and I think it is from just too much sugar and not enough protein. So that is something I will be working on.
~I'm a Pink Lady with the Women's 4 Miler Training Program. Training season kicked off Sat 6/14~
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