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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Training Programs

~Me with 2 of my running buddies and Sarge. T (rainbow skirt) one of the pink ladies in the Women's 4 Miler Training Program~

I am so excited to begin my next training program. It gives me the drive and push to actually run, and to run during the week. I have fallen off the wagon a little this past month. I didn't run at all this past week but I was taken it easy. I did do 3 miles today out on the road with a friend and it went fairly well (especially for slacking this past week.) But there are going to be weeks where we don't run all that much, and weeks that we just kill it! It is OK! The point is to KEEP ON RUNNING! 

Ok back to topic, training programs. The Women's 4 miler training program was awesome. Had running buddies every Saturday morning. We all suffered through the heat and humidity together and got through it. 

In about a month from now is my next training program for the 10 miler. I am excited but slightly nervous as it is going to be frigid in the morning runs. (it was fairly cool this morning too and I was shivering until my body warmed up at about mile 1.) 

Look for a training program or group near you. They help you with your form, keep you motivated and just help encourage you to keep on moving. Do not worry if you can't run very well. Most TP will will have different running groups. The super speedy Gonzales' and even the groups where people are just getting back into running or learning to run for the first time. 

If you can't find one, make one with you and some other friends that have wanted to go running, or would like to go running but just don't know where to run or where to start. Be the leader. It really does make the time go by nice and fast too! 

Just the key to running, keep on moving! You can do this!

QOTD: Have you been part of a track club or training program?
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