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Sunday, September 8, 2013

"I Just Wanna Run"

"I just wanna run" song by The Downtown Fiction. Check it out.
Some days are just hard to stay motivated to exercise. My body is just naturally lazy and it takes a lot of effort and pre-planning to go to the gym at a specific time. But I try to plan it out and I tend to go. So here are some tips on staying motivated or helping us get a little more out of our exercise:

1. Set a goal: Sign up for a race. It is that easy! Pick a race and sign up. If you think you can't, you CAN. 5k's are not hard. You can walk it if you want. They are just easy, fun and you will love the excitement.

2. Schedule a time to exercise: Yep! We schedule everything else in life we need to schedule this too. And stick to the schedule. You will never regret exercising. You will feel that much better

3. Sign up for a class: Classes help motivate you to push a little harder because that old lady in the back is KICKING YOUR BUTT! She is outlasting you and well, you will push yourself a little harder. That is just how it works!

4. Do know good times to go to they gym: Day after a holiday are bad days to go to the gym during busy times. THE GYM WILL BE PACKED! Everyone wants to burn off all the food they ate the day before. 11-12 or 1-3 are best times to go usually.
5. Find a friend: Go workout with a buddy or make friends at your gym. Get your name out there. Don't be shy since you are wearing workout clothing and about to sweat in front of them anyways, make some friends. Have something to look forward to seeing. So if you are a chatty Kathy, make a friend. Makes workouts fly by!

6. Have someone chase you, or sweep you: "I don't have to run faster than the T-Rex, as long as I run faster than you, I am good." Like the picture above, sometimes we tend to do better if we are being chased. Again it pushes us just a little harder. There are Zombie runs coming up soon, since Halloween is next month. Fun race to run in, I have heard. A zombie will chase you for your "life". Puts a little extra pep in your step I would have to say.
7. Sign up for a training group or a local track club: I am so lucky. My city has both. Training groups for the "big" races of the year and a track club for year round. They are fun! I loved the Women's 4 miler training program and met a ton of AMAZING WOMEN! And I am excited for the 10 miler training program. I know it will be totally different, but It is all about the experience and joining with people who love to do what you are doing.

8. Have support: My husband is so supportive. He watches my son for me so I can go run. He is at my races, cheering me one (when not chasing after my son) We talk about what I accomplish at the end of each day from my exercise that I did. He is engaged in my activity and fully supports it. Get a friend or a parent or whomever, just find support!
9. Be proud of yourself: Even if you couldn't do 3 miles and you only did 2. YOU STILL DID 2 MILES! That is more than you did a year ago probably. Be excited when you try and succeed! Clap your hands when you run a mile and at each mile. CELEBRATE THE SMALL VICTORIES! Because it is a VICTORY when you do something amazing!

10. HAVE FUN: In the beginning the goal for exercise and running is to lose weight or get more healthy or whatever your individual reason is. BUT you have to have fun with it. If you push too hard and just force yourself to do it cause you have to, you won't continue. It has to be something you enjoy and have fun with. Don't push too hard that you cause an injury because then you won't be able to exercise. Start small. And work up to more milage. only 10% at a time. Don't do 1 mile on your first day of running and the next day expect to run 5 miles. UM NO! Even people coming back from a long break from running take a little time building back up. Let your body adjust and you will feel accomplished and happy with that you do and will have had FUN and want to do it again!

Hope these tips help to motivate you and we will all continue to run!

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