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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Premieres All Around

Off normal exercise topic and this topic is what can lead to much inactivity in a have been warned!
I LOVE THIS SEASON where all of my favorite show come back and I can get back into my regular TV viewing schedule. I know, this is putting me in front of the TV on my extremely comfortable couch but come on you know you have 1 or 2 shows that you love and are totally looking forward to their return. Shows that I am looking forward to the most:

Once Upon A Time and OUAT Wonderland
Totally enjoying Sleepy Hallow too!
Vampire Diaries (Oct)
Originals (really looking forward to this too! Oct.)

I Hulu everything since we don't have cable in our house so my viewing is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during "mommy quiet time". (best thing ever. Lock the kid in the room with his tablet and he will play for awhile then nap for another while. It is amazing! He loves it, I need it, BEST THING EVER!)

My goal is to exercise first in the day then rest and relax watching my favorite shows. So excited for all the new season!

QOTD: Has your favorite show returned this season? 

Picture borrowed from Once Upon A Time Facebook Page. Visit hyperlink on picture to visit the ABC Website for the show.
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