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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Something New

First of all today is my 11 wedding anniversary! YEA FOR US! Over a decade and still going strong! Tonight is a shopping at Dick's Sporting goods for new workout clothing, Afghan food, and Melting pot for dessert! (all those calories I burned today were well worth it for tonight!)

Second, I tried something new today, (oh and I am wearing something blue today, borrowing make-up from Bobbi Brown getting a makeover, and wearing old sandals. So we are covered in all the fun wedding departments even though I am not a bride!) The something new today was my very first SPIN Class! I have wanted to try one since May, but had to wait for body to heal from miscarriage and today I finally got up the courage to do it!

Oh man my assets are sore! My butt and other areas hurt the whole hour and my arches in my foot hurt too when we do the standing and riding. But man, the class was fun. I really enjoyed it. I was pouring sweat down my face! It was a challenging class. I didn't do as high intensity as the lady was calling but I was trying out the class and I will build up my endurance for it the more I do it. By the end of the class the reader said I rode 23 miles! CRAZY!

So every Thursday at 9:15 I am going to try and be in that class!

QOTD: What is your fav thing about a spin class?
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