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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SAHM In Home Exercise- DVD's

I'm a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). And there are just some days that I can not make it to the gym. So what is a Mommy to do??? I would love to just sit down and watch TV all day and eat bon-bons but my bum bum would grow to outrageous proportions! Thankfully, I have an energetic little guy around to keep my butt in gear and getting me moving around the house. So here are things I try to do if I just can't make it to the gym.

1. Clean house- I do a top to bottom clean of my house. I have 3 levels if you include my basement which is a very, very large area to vacuum. So I pick up all the toys, clothes and whatever will accumulate around the house and then just vacuum away (chasing and playing with Mason the whole time too). Normal weeks where I do go to the gym, I try to clean one room a day so this is definitely different for me.

2. Chase my kid- around said clean house. Now that there are no obstacles for him or me for that matter, to trip over we run, spin, or push him in his car. Lots of giggling will ensue!

3. Hike the stairs- over and over and over and over! 3 levels means lots of stairs. I try to avoid the stairs, stay in one level if I can because it is a lot of stairs, but nope Mace and I will go up and down as much as possible on no gym days.

4. Take a Hike- go for a walk. The dog and the kids will love it.

5. Pop in a video- AN EXERCISE VIDEO, not the 6 hours long BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. ( I do like to watch this often but maybe after an actual gym day or else I might not do anything else!) There are plenty of exercise videos out there. I know you have at least 1. Most moms or women have at least 1. Try it out. Push yourself. You can do it! **Hulu and Amazon have them on their sites too!**

Couple of things, look how many things I am doing with my son that day. I am the one wearing him out. He loves to go to the gym day care because all he does is play and play and it is good for him to socialize with other people. Some days it is just fun to just go crazy with him. Then after all the crazy time we "try" (meaning me mostly) to pick up the toys and "try" (like totally not working most days) teach him to keep the house clean.

So next time you just can't make it have some fun in your own home! Go on I dare you!

QOTD: What is your favorite activity to do at home to work out?
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