Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No April Fool's Jokes Here

None today. I thought about calling my parents or my hubs saying my water broke but considering that they are both far away from me it would really freak them out, and it just is plain not nice. So going to play it nice this year.

I will say that I am only 6 weeks from my due date, yea! And I did do a nice little walk today and baby had fun. Mace wore himself out as usual and is currently upstairs doing his "Mommy quiet time." While I wind down from the walk and then off to nap I go. I love spring break! No lessons this week just chillin' and taking it easy!

Here is Mugglenet.com for their lovely April Fool's joke.
And if you really want to still do a joke here is an article from Huffington Post.

Did you do any jokes today?

1 comment:

  1. No April Fools jokes for us this year. We're also pregnant and I don't think anything would be funny.



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