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Monday, August 10, 2015

My 5 Biggest Weight Loss Secrets

I am coming up on 20 lbs lost since mid May. In 3 months I will have passed the big 20 pounds loss mark and almost 10% of my starting weight is GONE! THAT IS HUGE! And it is seriously just hitting me how huge that is! I have no idea why I didn't realize it earlier but I didn't!

So would you like to know my secrets??? And guess what, there is no pill, wrap or anything else I do. This is what I am doing to get my results!

1) Decide! The biggest factor to why I am finally losing weight is that I am determined to do this. I have decided that this is the time that I take back my life and I want to be as healthy as possible for the next time that I do get pregnant. And I will get healthy because this is my time. I decided that it was my time and I am DETERMINED! (Even my parents know that when I am determined, nothing will stop me!)

2) Clean eating! You can workout all you want and still get results. But if you combine clean eating with working out the weight will just fall off of you! I am living proof of that. It has happened now more than once in my life that when I start eating clean my body just sheds what it doesn't want which happens to be the excess fat on my body.

3) Exercise! You need to add exercise to your daily life. Even if it is just 30 minutes a day. Combining exercise with your clean eating allows you to build muscle which means you will overall burn more calories during the day because muscle is a CALORIE BURNER!

4) WATER! Drink lots of water! Our bodies need water to survive. It is 0 calories and you can drink as much of it a day as you want. And you can put fresh fruits in it to flavor it up naturally and it tastes so good! It also helps to flush our stuff from your system. Feeling bloated, drink more water! Stopped up, DRINK WATER! Stay hydrated and cut the sugary drinks. Those are not what our bodies NEED!

5) Stay determined! You have decided and you are eating clean, adding in some exercise and putting down the water, now what?!? You have to stay committed and give it everything you have. You have to really want it or else you are going to make excuses and just give up after a few days because you are going to miss your other foods. This isn't about missing foods or feeling like your are depriving yourself. It isn't about punishing yourself or dieting. This is about putting you first. This is about taking back your life. This is about you taking care of you. This is so much more than just the food. This is about you being here for your family. This is about you being able to play with your kids. Run after your kids. Getting up and down off the floor with your kids. This is about you being a good example for your kids. This is about bringing good eating habits into your house so that your kids learn it to and that they won't be one of the statistics of obese children in this country. Find your reason why you have to do this for you and you will be determined and you will stick with it.

My reason why I am doing this. I firmly believe that our baby girl sacrificed her time now to be with us. She saved my life because had the pregnancy continued there could have been other complications that could have done a heck of a lot more damage than what was already done. I also believe she did it so that we could both be healthy, together. If it continued and I made it out ok, she probably would not have been. I owe her  to get as healthy as possible now so that her sacrifice isn't wasted. And I firmly believe that I will get as healthy as possible now because I know I will. I believe in myself that I will.

All you have to do to believe in yourself is to start believing. You can do this. I know it is hard. I know that it might seem impossible but it isn't. You just have to decide, and stick with it and stay determined! You can do this.

Need daily motivation and one on one support? Let me know. We can do this together because you are stronger than you think! I know you can do this!

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lose the Lower Belly Pooch

This has been my problem area for YEARS! Even before kids, and in high school I always was so concerned about this pooch. How do you get it to go away? Well, eating is one of the biggest factors. You want it gone, clean up your eating. But it also depends on what you have done. Had a baby, you might not be able to get it gone all the way, but you can reduce it. Check out these exercises to help shrink your midsection!
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why Did I Become A Beachbody Coach

It is an important thing for me to learn my why. Without a why I would be floundering. Not know what exactly to do. Why am I making these changes in my life? Why am I sticking with my lifestyle change? Why did I become a Beachbody coach?

Today I wanted to share my story of WHY I BECAME A BEACHBODY COACH! I made a little video on why! Check it out! It has been the best decision I could have made. (Do me a favor! Like and subscribe to the video! Let me know you liked what I had to say! THANKS!)

A year ago when I became a coach, we were paying 2 mortgages because our renter stopped paying and she was out of the house. Our other house was up on the market to be sold and we were stressed because we weren't receiving ANY OFFERS at all! We had no extra money. I wasn't teaching in the summer. We seriously had no extra money to spend, but my healthy was that important to us. And it was something that I believed in. I did not let anything stand in my way of me taking my body back and getting back on the right track. I took the leap and I did it.

I am a busy mom of 2 boys. I have found time to work on me every single day. I have finally learned how to put me first! And I get to talk every single day with other women just like me! Being able to work one on one with women in all walks of life and see how much their lives are changing because they are getting motivation and support like they have  never had before is AMAZING and the best feeling in the world!

Know that you are worth taking huge risks in your life. You are worth all the hard work that you put into your life, choices and workouts! Believe in yourself! You can do this! Any questions about joining my team? Send me an email and let me know! I would love to work with you and change lives!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Secret To Change

The other day Matt was surprised to find so much ice cream and ice cream sandwiches left in the freezer that we got after I had my surgery last month. A few months ago any ice cream would have been gone in a matter of days but we are going on over a month and they were just sitting there untouched!

I reminded Matt, that they just weren't good to me anymore and I didn't even want them. He looked at me a little shocked and I think he has finally accepted that I have changed how I eat and look at food. Yeah, I will still indulge a little bit every now and then, we did have dessert on our date last week, but this is what self control is all about. Know that you are capable of saying no to things that once were so addictive to you.
Believe that you can make a change and CHANGE WILL HAPPEN! Don't think about how it used to be or what you are missing. Start today by saying "I can do this." "I AM DOING THIS" And you WILL do this! It just starts with you wanting to change and being open to it!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Just A Little Bit Further

I just realized the other day that I am coming up on my first goal for this journey! I have no idea why it took me so long to realize that but I am. My first goal was to get down to where I was before I got pregnant with Collin. And I am only 10 lbs away from that. WHAT!?!

The cool thing is that I have already lost 15 lbs so right now, 10 more just seems like a cake walk. (without the cake of course!)

It is amazing how quickly that something will happen when you are consistent with it and it just becomes a habit! I was asked the other day about denying my kids sugar drinks and if they were missing out on something as part of their childhood. My kids prefer water over any other drink. Do they like sugary drinks? You bet! But it is only occasionally that they do have it. And that right there, my friends, is the key. OCCASIONALLY!

We have come to believe that "dieting" is restricting yourself on calorie intake and denying yourself certain types and kinds of foods! In a way I look at dieting as a form of punishment and I think that is why I personally would rebound so hard after a stint of dieting. Now that I have built up a habit of eating clean 80% of the time and allowing myself an indulgence 20% of the time I have learned a healthy natural lifestyle full of balance. And I know that I can enjoy that cake on our Anniversary, or birthdays and I won't feel guilty for it at all! I am going to enjoy every single bite, guilt free! And I deserve that in my life.

Don't restrict yourself. Live your life. But you have to learn the healthy way to do it! Need motivation to stick with your new lifestyle of eating clean and exercise? Let me know! My next challenge group starts TODAY and I would love to have you in there!

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