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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Secret To Change

The other day Matt was surprised to find so much ice cream and ice cream sandwiches left in the freezer that we got after I had my surgery last month. A few months ago any ice cream would have been gone in a matter of days but we are going on over a month and they were just sitting there untouched!

I reminded Matt, that they just weren't good to me anymore and I didn't even want them. He looked at me a little shocked and I think he has finally accepted that I have changed how I eat and look at food. Yeah, I will still indulge a little bit every now and then, we did have dessert on our date last week, but this is what self control is all about. Know that you are capable of saying no to things that once were so addictive to you.
Believe that you can make a change and CHANGE WILL HAPPEN! Don't think about how it used to be or what you are missing. Start today by saying "I can do this." "I AM DOING THIS" And you WILL do this! It just starts with you wanting to change and being open to it!
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