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Saturday, October 3, 2015

After Arms Workout Stretches

So you just finished doing your 28 day push up challenge workout for the day. MAKE SURE that you stretch out those muscles or you are going to be sore, sore, SORE! Sometimes I catch myself at the end of a workout and just walk off without doing my stretches but that is not the safe thing to do. The muscles get tight when we work them and we want them to be lengthened and lose when we are done. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. I like to hold stretches for a long time because they feel sooooo good! So go on take a few minutes to stretch out your body! Check out my 3 faves below!

The stretches you want to do after an arm workout are just like the ones you did in PE back in the days!

The tricep pull pictured at the top is great!

The cross body arm stretch is another oldie but goodie!
 And my 3rd favorite is the Chest and Bicep Doorway stretch.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Just A Little Bit Further

I just realized the other day that I am coming up on my first goal for this journey! I have no idea why it took me so long to realize that but I am. My first goal was to get down to where I was before I got pregnant with Collin. And I am only 10 lbs away from that. WHAT!?!

The cool thing is that I have already lost 15 lbs so right now, 10 more just seems like a cake walk. (without the cake of course!)

It is amazing how quickly that something will happen when you are consistent with it and it just becomes a habit! I was asked the other day about denying my kids sugar drinks and if they were missing out on something as part of their childhood. My kids prefer water over any other drink. Do they like sugary drinks? You bet! But it is only occasionally that they do have it. And that right there, my friends, is the key. OCCASIONALLY!

We have come to believe that "dieting" is restricting yourself on calorie intake and denying yourself certain types and kinds of foods! In a way I look at dieting as a form of punishment and I think that is why I personally would rebound so hard after a stint of dieting. Now that I have built up a habit of eating clean 80% of the time and allowing myself an indulgence 20% of the time I have learned a healthy natural lifestyle full of balance. And I know that I can enjoy that cake on our Anniversary, or birthdays and I won't feel guilty for it at all! I am going to enjoy every single bite, guilt free! And I deserve that in my life.

Don't restrict yourself. Live your life. But you have to learn the healthy way to do it! Need motivation to stick with your new lifestyle of eating clean and exercise? Let me know! My next challenge group starts TODAY and I would love to have you in there!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great Morning Stretch

Need a great little morning stretch to help stretch out your hip flexers. Try this sequence. 

Plank, bring your food forward between your hands for a runners pose. Bring your chest up to a lunge, drop your knee softly and press your hips forward to stretch out the hip flexers, and grab your toe for an added stretch. Hold each position for a good 10 count. OH it feels so good! 

Repeat sequence with opposite leg. 

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day Or Night...Does It Really Matter?

When do you work out? Morning? Afternoon? Night time? Does it really matter?

The Huffington Post has an article on when the best time day to work out based on what you want to accomplish, but honestly, working out whenever you can is what is best. It beats not working out. Let's say you sleep in and miss your workout time you were scheduled not like I did that on Wednesday morning when I slept in until 10am... Does that mean that I have to miss my workout completely? Some people do. OOPS! I missed my workout window. I guess I have to try again tomorrow! No, no, no my friends. But I don't have time to workout anymore. Have you thought about right before you go to bed. In those quiet times when the kids are first falling asleep and you get that moment of "AHHHH, time to relax."

Night time has been my time lately. I am personally trying to workout twice a day. Go to the gym in the morning for the kiddos and then during that relaxation time just after the kids go down. I am doing this because it helps keep me in better moods. Apparently I need the endorphins right now because they are working and keeping me from being super depressed. Thanks in part to the hormone drop I had after the miscarriage. So for me. I need it, twice a day. Have I been able to go to the gym everyday this week? Nope! (again I slept in on Wednesday) But at least I am getting my evening 30 minute workout in. I have been a lot more consistent with my evening than I have during the day! (weird for me)

Even if you have to break up your workout to 10 minute increments. Do what ever you can to get some exercise into your day and I promise you that you will feel better. Have more energy. Sleep better (oh yeah, I am sleeping like a rock!) Be happier. Might be a little sore, but that's ok! The point is. DO IT! JUST WORKOUT! Make that choice. FOR YOU! You are worth it!

Need a work out buddy? Or someone to keep you accountable. Maybe you need motivation? Send me an email to join my PRIVATE Facebook group!! Make that first choice. Take that first step to changing you. The hardest part is the beginning!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yoga Poses and Their Benefits

I love yoga and it took me a long time to actually try my first class or workout and really enjoy it! It is great for centering your body and mind but also is a great workout that can be quite challenging. My fave though about yoga is that there are moves specifically to help certain areas of your body or even the insides work better. Like have tummy troubles and can't go? Do some twist movements. Stretch out your hamstrings to help you run better! Check out these yoga poses and give them a try to help you stretch, elongate and help your body feel even better.

Also check out Yoga Journal to where you can search for specific yoga poses for alleviate what ails you. Want poses to help with mensuration? Yep they have a section for that. There is anxiety, back pain, energy, digestion and more!

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

My 7 Favorite Stretches After Running

Stretching is a must, especially as you start to add more mileage on. Your body takes a beating and it needs to relax. Stretching should only be done after the muscles are warm. So don't wait too long after you finish running to stretch. I try to do it within 30 minutes of running. Really right after I finish at the gym I tend to go to the stretching and plop down and do it, and if I do outside running then I stretch right as I walk in the door, and take off my shoes of course!

So here are my 7 must have stretches after running. Please listen to your body and don't bounce. Hold each stretch for a good little while. I count slowly to 30 or 45 depending on how much I need the stretch. Check out this AWESOME article about THE BENEFITS OF YOGA, ACCORDING TO SCIENCE by Jen Reviews!

1. Standing Quad Stretch
Just like you did in Jr. High school. Kick the heel of your foot up to your butt and hold. Do not pull the foot to your outside leg or let your knee flare out. Tuck your pelvis under and use a couch or chair for balance if you need. You should feel this in the front part of your thigh. Do both sides.

2. Standing Single-Leg Calf Stretch
You can use a wall to lean against, like the picture shows, or you can just brace yourself on your front knee. Place the right foot in front of you and extend your back leg back, you are doing like a mini lunge. Do not let your front knee go in front of your ankle. Keep a 90 degree angle on your front leg. Try to plant your left heel on the floor. You will feel the stretch in your back leg calf area. Repeat on other side.

3. Standing IT Band Stretch
You can use a wall for balance as in the picture. But I just cross my right foot in front of my left and bend to the left. You can raise your right arm up and over your head for more bend in your waist. You will feel this on the upper side part of the leg that is being crossed over. Repeat on the other side.

4. Straddle Stretch
Time to sit down. Your standing is done. I do it in this order cause if I got down on the ground I would not get up! Just like in dance growing up, just spread your legs out to the side. I like to lean over one leg to stretch each leg individually then go to the middle for the final stretch in this pose. I grab my toes so that I feel the stretch in the back of my legs on the hamstrings.

5. Pigeon Pose
My favorite yoga pose. I could seriously stay in this position forever. It feels so good! Bring your right leg in front and make a 90 degree angle bend at the knee with the foot turned in. Straighten your left leg behind, almost like a half split. Try to sit into that position and you can even lean forward over your bent leg in front. You will feel this in the IT band area, the upper part of your side leg that is bent. Repeat on the other side.

6. Lying Hamstring Stretch
Now going all the way to the ground. Lie all the way down. Raise one foot, flexed or flat, into the air trying to keep the other foot on the ground. Don't round your lower back. Keep that planted on the ground too. Hold your leg at your thigh or calf or grab a towel and sling it over your foot and pull on the ends of the towel to reach more easily. You will feel this in the back of the leg that is straight up in the air. Repeat on other leg.

7. Lying Hip and Glute Hug
Still lying on the ground keeping your lower back panted down, foot on the floor and cross your right ankle at your left knee. Grab the back of your left thigh and pull your legs to your chest. Also try to push your right knee out to the side and you will feel the stretch more in your butt and hips.

8) BONUS STRETCH! Corpse Pose

Lie all the way down on the ground. You can keep your arms to the side of your body or above your head. Just relax! Try not to fall asleep. If you have a 3 year old, this position can be dangerous because he will come and jump on your belly right when you aren't expecting it! TRUST ME! 

~Hope these help you! I just want you to start your year of running off right and taking care of your body, especially after a run, is the way to stay injury free and enjoy years of running! Happy Stretching! ~

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Post Run Yoga

Now that you are starting to run, here are the best post run yoga exercises to help you stretch back out and keep you from getting too sore and tight! Run on! 

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