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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Week 5 Recap

Another week done and over with. Time is just going by so quickly! I am so happy though that I started the month with a race and I ended the month with a really good long run. Well the run could have been better but still 7 miles! Super happy with that.

So why could the run have been better. My shoes. The real test of the shoes was on my long run. I said that I was a little on the fence about them and my suspicions were correct that they just weren't going to work out. During the week I went walking and did the elliptical and my feet just felt cramped like crazy in them. And on Saturday for my 7 miles I could literally feel the pounding of the pavement on my feet, my knees actually started to ache, which has never happened before, and my toes went numb around mile 4 or so. When I got home I had a knot on the bottom of my foot at the arch, because I was so squished in the shoes. And under the nails of my pinky toes on both feet have little bruises on them.

I went back into the store and worked with my running coach and owner personally and he said that they were just too cramped. I have really wide big feet. (Sasquatch here!) He had me try on a few more pairs. And they found my same style of shoes, that I had previously but in a guys shoe and when I put it on I felt like I was home. My feet just felt so comfortable. However they are a 10 and I really should be in a 10.5. The 10's worked but he ordered the Brooks Adrenaline 15 for me to try in the 10.5. Men size by the way. So the new shoes should be in sometime this week for me to compare. So the search for shoes are still afoot! (I had to totally write that!) Until then I have my not so comfy shoes, without the liner and coach said that it should work fine for 1 shorter run. I have older Nike's that aren't all dead that I can use too if I need to.

Mason and Collin- Not much is going on here with these two boys. They are keeping me busy as per usual. Trying to keep the house clean with these two is becoming more and more difficult. Collin is now trying to learn to climb up the stairs. He keeps crawling to them and wants to tackle them but hasn't quite learned how to do that yet. Mason is a good older brother when he wants to be. We are having communication issues right now, where if he doesn't get what he wants he tells me to GO AWAY! (makes me want to cry) No idea how to change that or help with that.

Long run of the week:
7.07 miles. 1 hour 48 min- 15:24 min mile
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