Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Healthy Halloween

I love Halloween! It is the one day a year that you can be anything you really want to be. Wanna be a princess, can do! Wanna be that crazy scary clown from IT, yep, if it is your hearts desire you can be that too! I personally love to be a princess. This year I am going to be a jewelry thief Pirate. I still get to have my tiara and lots and lots of jewelry!
~Mason's first halloween 2011- An ASU Fan~

~Archer in his ASU jersey~

One thing that I remember most about Halloween as a kid though was the trick or treating. I loved going to get FREE candy! Back in the 80's it was a totally different scene though on how we went trick or treating. We went to every house if the light was on. If off, we left it alone. I remember only a couple of years where my mom would go through my halloween candy making sure it was all wrapped up but other than that we went to town! I usually hid all my candy in my closet away from my brother! I earned that candy. And it often was a ton of candy.
~2012- My cute little spider~

Things are different now. Parents are more cautious with their kids on where they go trick or treating. There are so many allergies out there. Did you know about the whole "teal pumpkin movement" Put a teal pumpkin on your porch and that is a sign of allergy free candy.
 ~Archer 2010~

Also I don't really want my kids to get a ton of candy and go sugar crazy either. Yeah when they are older they will probably make it a mission to see how much candy they can get but for right now, until my kids have more of a say and start taking their pillow cases around as their candy collecting bag, I am going to limit how much candy they really do get. Here are a couple of ideas on how to limit how much they get.
~Archer 2006~

1) Talk to your kids first and foremost about how much candy is enough. Kids like the idea of candy but do they really need all that candy? Talk to them first and say, we are only going to this one neighborhood this year. Also tell them that they can not empty their bag and start over. It is one bag only and explain how much they will get.

2) Find a smaller neighborhood and just go there. Or just go trick or treating at a local church. When you get home have them help pass out some candy or only go and see their friends house in the neighborhood.

3) Line their trick or treating bag with batting or decorations. (Trick I do with our pass out candy!) (Pictured at top)

4) Fill the bottom of their bag with fruit, or make arrangements with a neighbor to give them fruit (you provide the fruit) Make that your first stop so that their bag is weighted down and so the fruit (apples and oranges) take up more room.

5) Make a "fill to this line only" line on their bag or bucket. Once the candy reaches that line, they are done.

6) Buy a smaller trick or treating bag. Invest in a customized one that just doesn't hold as much candy as the buckets do.
~Masson's Personalized Creations bag. Only about as big as his head!~

7) Talk about what you are going to do with all the candy. Make a pre-planned schedule as to when they will get their candy. Reward for doing chores? Or a sticker system?

So there are my tricks. I know I don't have older children but this is the plan that my hubs and I decided on. And the biggest is to talk to my kids about how much candy is really acceptable. We don't need that candy in our house, because especially at Mason's age (3 years) I don't want him eating that much candy and I don't want to be tempted by that candy either.

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