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Monday, October 5, 2015

Your Journey

Your journey has led you to this point! Are you looking for motivation? Are you looking for support? Are you looking to see if someone like you has been through it too? I was right where you are a few years ago. Looking for someone who was starting over and got through it. Who decided that they were ready to change their life. And I found them. It changed my life.

Whatever your journey, being overweight, miscarriages, infertility, chocoholic. You are NOT alone. I have tried every diet plan, I have had an eating disorder. I suffer from depression. I have suffered from suicidal thoughts. I have wanted to give up and just not try. I have made excuses. I have stopped. I have quit.

BUT I got back up and kept trying. I decided I was worth it. I decided I wasn't ready to quit. That I was ready to take on this day. And I take it one day at a time. Working on me. Bettering myself. Trying. Take a look around. Know that you are in like company. We can do this together. Thanks for reading along and I hope you too can learn how special you are and that it is ok to start over. It just takes that one choice to decide you are ready to change and then to just DO IT!

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