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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Motivation To Habit!

If you want to succeed with making the shift to a PERMANENT healthy lifestyle, you have to STOP THE EXCUSES every day and JUST DO IT! I know, Nike logo, but it's the truth. Whenever you don't feel like working out, just do it. Whenever you don't feel like eating healthy, just do it!

People make excuses as a way to make themselves feel better for not completing something. For example, "I don't have time" is a common one, but you do have the time, you just have to create it. Before you make an excuse, take some time to think about it and instead of saying to yourself “I can’t” or “I don’t have the time” say “I’m choosing not to”. That will make you realize that you have the control and power to either do it, or not do it. It’s your CHOICE. Eliminate excuses, find success!

Sit down with your calendar and look at your whole day. Can you find 30 minutes in that day? You might have to sacrifice something, sleeping in, watching your favorite TV show live, or even some alone time just chillin'. But don't you think your health and wellbeing are worth it? Do you think it is important to your family, your children, for you to be healthy and around as long as possible? I want to be here for my grandkids. I want to be able to play on the ground, take them to the park and run after them. I want to be healthy now so that I can be healthy when I am older! Stop making excuses and just do it! You can do this! 
So with your calendar I want you to schedule in a time everyday that you can exercise and take care of you. Make it with an alarm. Make it important. Just like you would a doc appointment. Commit to yourself that you are going to do it. When it is time for your work out, like early in the morning. And your alarm goes off 30 minutes earlier than it has in the past, put your alarm across the room. and as you make your way to the alarm in the morning repeat to yourself, "AWAKE! I'M AWAKE" The whole way there. You will be awake and alert! Then get dressed, best to set your clothing out the night before, and get downstairs and do your workout! 

It really is that simple! Comment below with what time you scheduled your workout for!

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