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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Candy Alternatives!

Remember when you were a kid and went trick-or-treating and you had that neighbor that gave out a toothbrush or some non candy thing? Well, they might have had something right about. Out of all the candy you got there was just a few things that were non candy. I know it wasn't the coolest thing to get but if you are on the fence about handing out some preservative laden candy to kids that already will have a bucket full of it here are some ideas to help figure out what you can hand out, besides a toothbrush. 
So here are few healthier options, a list of candy alternatives you can hand out Saturday night. And, consider this, since most houses will be handing out candy, your treats will stand out (in a good way) from the bunch!
No kid can have enough crayons. And they inspire creativity instead of obesity. You’re not going to get much healthier than this, provided kids don’t eat the crayons, of course, like Collin, last night at the table, EWWW!
Mason loves bubbles and will spend all day playing with them if he could! 
Fruit “Snack” Rolls
They may not be as good as a real piece of fruit, but they’re individually wrapped and they usually contain about 1 gram of fiber for every 12 grams of carbohydrates.
Healthy Snacks
Healthy individually wrapped snacks, like Pirate's Booty or pretzels.
Finger Puzzles
Remember these little bamboo puzzlers? Stick your fingers in each end of the tube—and you can’t get them out! Check out Dollar Stores for these fun gadgets! 
Kids LOVE STICKERS! That is a given. Let them sticker their sibling with love, or the house or their favorite books!
Temporary Tattoos
Not all parents will like these but kids always do! They are fun and there are tons of fun variety packs!
Halloween Toys
Most stores carry bags of spider rings, bouncy eyeballs, or snakes. Or consider handing out Halloween-themed pencils and erasers. The fun of these will last long after the Halloween sugar high is gone. 
Glow in the Dark Sticks
Mason loves these at night after the sun goes down and you can get a box with a ton of them in it for fairly cheap! 
What do you like to hand out for Halloween?
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