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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

3 Day Refresh: Results

Hey Guys! So it has been a couple of days now since I completed my 3 day refresh. If you would like to catch up you can check out my daily posts you can read about day 1, day 2, and day 3. I was a little sad at first with my results. I only lose 2 ounces!  :( But once I took my measurements I was so happy with what I had accomplished in just 3 day!

First though, 3 days. It isn't too bad right. Doable by anyone. But I will tell you, that you need to be 100% committed because there is going to be a time or a few times where you are going to want to eat something else. Those pesky little voices are going to tell you it is ok to eat something else. You are hungry. Or make some excuse. But you guys it is only 3 days!

I did not like the vanilla fresh at all. It was hard for me to get down. But by the 3rd day I was able to get all of it down by mixing fresh strawberries in with it and it really did fill me up. I never really felt hungry, hungry unless I was late eating a meal. So if you stick with eating every 2.5 hours then you are going to be so golden on this.

Also the fiber sweep took more than a day to work for me. Hence why I waited a couple of days to give my results. I didn't officially "pass" everything until Sunday. And even more on Monday might not work for everyone. Also I was super bloated at night. Like my belly would be very puffy from the gas from the fiber sweep. So be mindful of that.

One tip. Pick 3 days where you don't have a whole lot going on. I did the best when I was at home and able to stick to a regular schedule. Like for me doing this from Wednesday-Friday would be perfect in the future. But Saturday or Sunday, I am gone too much usually to make this work. Plan 3 days to be less active too because you will not have much energy and you will burn through the calories you eat those days way too quickly because it is a reduced calorie cleanse.

Ok the results.

I lost:
.25 inches from my chest
.5 inches from my waist
.5 inches from my belly (around the belly button) 
.75 inches from my hips (HOLY CROW!) 

Arms and legs didn't lose anything on them. But the areas I was most concerned with I lost a good amount of inches. I AM SO HAPPY WITH THAT! The whole reason why I did this was to lose around my waist and belly so that I would look a little better for our family pictures. And it did just that.

Would I do the 3 day refresh again? I would. It was only 3 days. But really only for a special occasion or function. Something that I need a quick lose for.

I'm done, now what do I do? Don't go binge eating on things you missed that is for sure. You do that, and you will gain everything back. I did have a special treat waiting for me when I was done and that was it. I am still clean eating and getting back into my workout routine and I will be losing at least 10 pounds by the end of the year as there is only 10 weeks left of the year!

What is the 3 day refresh? 

The 3-Day Refresh is a cleansing program that’s simple to use and gets great results. It’s a program of three daily shakes, a fiber drink, recipes that include a delicious and nutritious medley of fresh veggies and fruits, and plenty of healthy fats so you can lose weight without feeling like you’re starving yourself.

The 3-Day Refresh has uncomplicated meal plans that are easy to prepare and fun to eat. Meal plans offer many choices from the food groups in the dishes, so there’s no boredom, and if you don’t have one ingredient, it’s easy to substitute another. The 3-Day Refresh is a great way to start a serious weight-loss change, but it’s also great for fitness buffs that have stalled in their progress. The essential cleansing nature of the 3-Day Refresh kickstarts your body’s natural digestive balance to get you feeling more active and energetic while you shed unwanted pounds.
You’ll have to start out the day with at least 10 ounces of pure filtered water. Many people find it hard to drink so much water first thing in the day, but that’s a sign of an underlying problem. Almost no one drinks enough water! Your body needs water in order to flush out the toxins that build up in the body. Your body needs water, and once you get used to drinking more water, you’ll notice how much you enjoy it in addition to the health benefits you’ll get.
Thirty minutes later, you can have a chocolate Shakeology shake along with a piece of fruit. Shakeology shakes taste great, are packed with energy, and have enough vitamins to allow you to stop taking your multivitamins if you like.
The 3-Day Refresh Meal Plan supplies a health drink called the Fiber Sweep. Fiber Sweep is a blend of fibers, some which dissolve in water, others that are insoluble. It’s jam packed with flax, psyllium fiber, and chia seeds. These deliver important Omega-3 fatty acids to aid digestion while giving you a gentle cleanse. You’ll drink lots more fresh water, too, or green tea if you like. Coffee is OK, too, but no cream and sugar.
The 3-Day Refresh Meal Plan lets you choose one fruit, a vegetable, and one food item that contains healthy fat from their extensive lists of suggested foods. Then you have a delicious drink called a Vanilla Fresh. It’s full of protein, important for supplying you with energy for the rest of the afternoon, and it’s jam-packed with probiotics, minerals, and vitamins. It contains a clinically tested potato extract that makes you feel full, but the shake itself is light and creamy. Time for more filtered water.
The evening meal is where the 3-Day Refresh Meal Plan really shines. The method has great recipes for tasty meals, like a stir-fry medley of vegetables to go with hearty salads. The recipes are easy to follow, and they have selections to make hot or prepare and store if you prefer. The evening meal included another Vanilla Fresh shake, and then lots more water. Since the actual food intake during the day was so low, it’s uncanny how full you feel, and how much energy you have.
If you continue the plan for three days, your cravings for your old food favorites diminish quickly. You’ll be drinking a lot of water and consuming a lot of filling shakes, but you expel them quickly along with all the toxins your body needs to be rid of. It seems crazy, but drinking all that water makes you feel less bloated than you would after a heavy meal. Your body needs water and processes it effortlessly.
If you keep track of your progress, you’ll see real, measurable results. Depending on whether you’re starting a serious weight loss plan or tuning up an existing fitness routine, you’ll lose inches and pounds on your belly, upper arms, and upper legs. Give the 3-Day Refresh Meal Plan a try, and feel better and look better right away!
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