Monday, September 16, 2013

Rest Day

So Sundays are my rest day. No blogging, no exercising, just rest and relaxation (after church and after the kid goes down for a nap of course.) Today things have been a little crazy with visiting with friends and grocery shopping. My body feels fine after my run last Saturday, but it is just...tired. It feels tired. I am happy that I don't hurt, or too stiff, or anything but my body definitely noticed the upgrade in mileage this past week. So I will still keep up the mileage but I decided to take an extra rest day today. (Nap time for the kid and then I have a full schedule of teaching this afternoon.)

So here is to rest day for me and to keep on going! Tomorrow is 4.25 miles run. I'm loving it!

QOTD: Do you let your body rest an extra day when it needs it?

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