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Monday, September 7, 2015

13 LUCKY Years!

This past Saturday the hubs and I celebrated our 13th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Crazy huh! 13 years I have been with this guy and I love him more than the day we married. It is totally possible to find bliss and happiness! 

We have had an amazing roller coaster of a marriage! We have had great years and years that were not so great but we got through all of them together and stronger. We had so many years, and still dealing with it, the whole kid thing. We were ok with having kids right as we got married but when it didn't happen, and a year went by, then 2, 3 and up to 8 we struggled. I pestered Matt. It was what I wanted but we didn't know what to do because it just wasn't happening. 3 fertility doctors, 54 shots in my belly and 2 IUI's and we finally got Mason. Now we are dealing with miscarriages that have been so hard on me mentally and stronger. But we are doing this together. Matt is there for me and has been there for me every step of the way. I love though that during those years we were able to still travel and spend time together! We had 9 years to get to know each other and build a strong relationship and a great friendship!

Marriage takes work. Even though you love someone you can still get mad at them. But you have to take that effort to talk through it. Forgive and work through any struggles that you might be having. If you are having an argument just holding hands while talking through it helps to not stay mad at them. It helps you stay connected it helps you forgive! It is worth it. At one point in time you fell in love with your partner. Just remember why you did! Check out this awesome video of Chalene Johnson giving relationship advice. It is pretty funny and so true! Check it out. Comment below what you think about it. What you took away from the video! 

I am one lucky lady who married such a great role model for his boys who is strong in his faith, devoted to his family and dedicated to his work!

Thanks hubs for picking me and for going on this crazy life journey with me. 13 years out of forever is pretty sweet!

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