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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

You Always Have 2 Choices

This month my goal was to say NO to excuses, guilt, junk food, soda, regrets, giving up and quitting, to being the best person that we can be. One thing that I find I still do sometimes is compare myself to others. Why can't I be that lean? Why can't I be as successful as so and so? Why can't I have her confidence?

I am working so hard to drop these negative mental thoughts because they are nothing but self destructive. Remember when I said a couple of weeks ago, "It can't be that easy." well that was another negative thought. It comes down to 2 things. Either you do it, or your don't. Either you eat better because you want to be healthy or you don't. Either you exercise to feel better or you don't. There is not grey area. When we make grey areas we are just setting ourself up for settling with the same old stuff you have been doing and not reaching our maximum potential, that brought you to this point and you guys, I want you to reach your max potential. I want to reach my potential. It just comes from deciding, committing and doing, succeeding. So be a flower. Stop comparing, or letting negative thoughts rule your life. Just do and bloom!
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