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Monday, November 14, 2016

Must Have Items For Winter Colds or Flus

We have had what I am now calling the "plague" rip through our family. Slowly, this sickness went from one family member to the next, just taking it's next target down swiftly but lingering on FOREVER! Mason got it first, probably patient 0!, and of course he was first to get better, but poor sweet Collin was hit hard. He had a bad fever last weekend and since he likes to sucks on his fingers and couldn't breath through his nose, he was a very frustrated toddler. Then Elyse and I got it at the same time, and now my hubs is starting to get sick. Winter is hard because sickness just gets passed back and forth from family member to family member. And nothing is worse than seeing your kids suffer when you can't do anything else to help them.

Here are my Items that we use to help you get through the worst of it: 

Humidifier: Last winter it seemed like Collin needed this every day to help him not only feel better when sick but to keep him from getting sick. We love our Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier but it is recommended for a children's room to use a cool mist product. Thankfully Vicks has a cool mist one for kids too! I like the Vicks because you can use the special pad or drops that come with it that have the soothing menthol to help your baby breath easier.

Boogie Wipes: We use and love the Unscented Boogie wipes. They are perfect for kids because they are soaked in natural saline to help clean and dissolve those pesky boogies and is also hypoallergenic and helps to sooth their sore noses too.

Thermometer: You need a good and easy to ready thermometer in the house. For my boys they like to take their temperature and tell me what color they are. They know that red is bad, and green is good! When our current Vicks Digital Thermometer dies we will probably get the forehead reading one but for now this is perfect for our family.

FOR NURSING MOMS: MilkMaid Tea: I have noticed that when I get sick or even on my period my supply tends to dip a little bit. So when I am sick I often will have at least 2 cups of this milkmaid tea a day just to help supplement my supply and make sure it doesn't dip too much. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water too!

Snot Sucker: I am probably going to be investing in this Nose Frida snot sucker, because I have heard so many great things about it. One thing I have to keep telling myself, "there is no way the snot will go into my mouth!"

Lots and Lots of Snuggle Time! The cure all to anything for your kids. It helps them feel better and helps you feel better too! Pop in a good movie, or find a good movie on Amazon or Netflix, snuggle under a blanket and just enjoy this time together.

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