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Monday, November 7, 2016

Ditch The Scale

How many of you weigh yourself often??? Like every day, even many times a day? Are you scale obsessed? I used to weigh myself every single day and then literally dissect what I ate the day before to see what caused my weight to fluctuate. So many things can make our weight go up or down from the amount of water we did or didn't drink, to even being on your monthly cycle.

It's time to ditch the scale and only weigh yourself on the 1st of every month then hide your scales but if you find you can't do that. I encourage you to weigh yourself only once a week. Same day a week at the same time. So that you can truly see what the changes you are doing in your life are doing for you. For me I aim for the 1st of every month and then I am weighing myself ever week after that. And it has been nice to be pleasantly surprised when the scale has been dropping. But to see that number on the scale go down you have to make changes to your eating or adding in more exercise! 

Remember though in the end that you are so much more than the number on that scale.

Instead of worry about what the number on the scale reads, make other goals you want to accomplish regarding your body. 

-Pant size/how clothing is fitting you
-Fat Percent
-How you are feeling
-Not pulling at your shirt to cover up what you don't want to see

We all have areas we want to improve. And that is ok. But focusing on a number that is so hard to move can get so frustrating. Eat right and exercise is the key. Every month take pictures to compare from the previous month so that you can actually see the changes your body is making because for most women, we lose inches before we lose weight! 

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