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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Elyse's Perfect Newborn Session

A few weeks ago our family went to our favorite local photographer, Aaron Watson Photography, for our yearly family pictures and for Elyse's Newborn Session! It was so amazing. We had the family pictures for the first 30-40 minutes trying to bust out as many pictures with them as possible before they lost it.  With young kids, you only have a short amount of time to get really good pictures. And Collin proved it with that. He reached a point and then he was DONE with getting his picture taken. Over all our family pictures time went great!

The trick with finding a photographer is to really find one you click with. We have used a few in our area and love them all, but we have just loved the photos by Aaron and he has taken a majority of our family pictures and has literally watched our kids grow and will continue to watch our kids grow because he has become part of so many of our families memories! You can visit his FACEBOOK PAGE HERE or his WEBSITE PAGE HERE. Seriously go check out his website and see his magical photos! They are so breathtaking!

Looking for some inspiration? You can search online for some poses you really like and want to use for your newborn session. I found these great newborn photo ideas to help inspire the perfect pose for my birth announcements and pictures. And this photo by In The Little Photography is exactly like the pose our photographer used for our boys!
In The Little Photography
Before the session I was advised to nurse her about an hour before so that she was satisfied during the session would be more cooperative and hopefully fall asleep. We were also told that the studio would be more on the warm side and gentle music would be playing to help create a soothing session. And it was. It was really a special day for us.

Then it was Elyse's time to shine. Because we started with family photos I had to feed her for a bit before we got started with her individual pictures, where she lost her belly button stub because it got caught on my sweater, and then she was out cold for the rest of the session. She was just 6 days old when these pictures were taken. They just turned out amazing! Here are a few of my favorites!

Elyse's tutu was purchased at: Cutie Pie Goodies on Etsy

One of my favorite outfits: Worth the wait by: Mama Bijou on Etsy

Thank you to Aaron Watson Photography for capturing these amazing and sweet moments with my baby girl! Those looking for an amazing photographer in and around central Virginia for family, senior, newborns and weddings, please consider Aaron as he has always delighted us with amazing photos when we just prayed for at least 1 good one! You will not regret the choice to use him, and be sure to let him know that I sent ya over to say hi!

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