Connect the Dots Ginger | Becky Allen: Thanksgiving Perfect Plate Portion Sizes

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Perfect Plate Portion Sizes

Rolls, baked french toast, mashed potatoes oh my! Yes! I am enjoying my Thanksgiving just like anyone else. I have worked hard this month to eat very, very clean. (I have lost 7 pounds this month so far!) I followed my eating plan so that I can enjoy my Thanksgiving. But the key to enjoying Thanksgiving is knowing when to stop eating! Don't pile that plate too high. Make sure you have a good amount, (not just a little bit) but a good helping of veggies on your plate compared to any carbs or yellow containers. And by all means if you are going to get seconds, GET SECONDS of GREENS and veggies! Have only one portion of taters, and stuffing. That is plenty. Be smart about your holidays and you can walk away a CHAMP at eating healthy on Thanksgiving!
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