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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Local Honey For Allergies?

It is starting to warm up out there! Who else suffers from springtime allergies? I do, and about right now I start to add local RAW honey to my diet. Not a lot up to a tablespoon a day to build up my defenses really. In all honesty, I notice a difference in my allergies when I add honey in my diet, but I have to start about 2 weeks before the hugs pollen explosion which is usually around the first week of April. You will have to determine if this works for you or not. (Remember not to feed honey to children under the age of 1 as it can be very harmful for them due to the bacteria that can be contained in it.)

Here's the sticky truth: 

Honey that is raw will still contain all the living enzymes needed to protect your body from a histamine overdose.

Any raw honey that is harvested nearby where the same sort of plants are blooming at roughly the same time can be considered local.

Raw, local honey only works on pollen allergies.

How to add honey to your everyday life? 

Add some honey to your cup of warm lemon in the morning. So it would be warm lemon and honey water. 

Try out the ENERGY BITES recipe because it uses honey! 

Just enjoy a good old PB & Honey sandwich every now and then.

Look for some recipes that call for honey in them. A quick and easy google search or Pinterest search will find them for you!

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