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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Then vs Now

The picture on the left is me in 2008 before I decided I had enough and was ready to start to "get healthy" and change my life around. I hate this picture. I love the memory of it and going on a fabulous cruise with my husband and family but I DESPISE the picture. It was shortly after this picture I went to see the doc and they clocked my weight in at 240. That was THE heaviest I had ever been. I was embarrassed. I was mortified. I hurt. I didn't fit my clothing. I was in denial about the size jeans I had to wear and would squeeze into an 18 so that I wouldn't go into the size 20+ range. And at times, I thought I looked pretty dang good. But I had a lot of unhealthy habits. 

So the picture on the right is me in November. Just 3 pounds under the one on the left. But notice the difference there is between just out of shape, not caring to exercise every single day to be healthy and fit. I am a plus sized woman. And I will be for a while, (since I am now pregnant) But I will take the right sided Becky any day over the left side. 

What made the difference between the two pictures? Finally learning to take care of myself, and it did not happen over night. I started with getting my butt in the gym, working with a personal trainer, who I still am so thankful for, teaching me everything he did. I changed products I used to more organic products. I finally learned, after a lot of trial and error and working with professionals, what foods I needed to be putting in my body. And then I found the support system that has been amazing. I have learned to combine everything I know, to go into my current way of eating, exercising, and loving myself. I have a support network I talk to every single day cheering me on just as I am cheering them on. I am filling my body with great whole foods and vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis. I am trying to exercise daily. (getting back into it!) I might not be a size 2 but I am a plus sized health and fitness motivator, supporter and educator! AND I LOVE IT! Best thing I have ever done.

Plus size does not mean you can't exercise, modifications might be needed and that is ok, you are still burning calories and working. Plus size does not mean you can't change. Because you can. It just starts with 1 choice, to START! Are you ready? 
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