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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wanna Lose Weight? Believe In You!

That is the number one first step to real change! TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! That is all you have to do. Believe that you can make changes and you will.

To be honest. I talk to so many people who don't think that they can do this. That they can commit to a program, commit to themselves because they have failed in the past to reach their goals. But those "fails" are just stumbles that have made them even stronger so that the next time something comes before them, they have more strength and faith to do what they want to do. To achieve their goals. All it takes is a little personal belief. Anyone can do this. You just have to want it bad enough. And you have to believe that you truly can make a change!

You are here. Do you still believe that you can achieve your goals? Or have you struggled with your own personal belief? You know I believe in you, right! You can do this. Start today, plan for the week! Schedule in your exercise for the week. Commit to yourself that you are going to do this! AND DO IT!

Comment below with your exercise schedule for the week. Take a picture of your calendar, or just jot it down below! Commit to yourself!

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