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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bump Update: 15 Weeks

This past week was amazing. I have passed the point of being scared and have started to really embrace this pregnancy. I am so happy! Besides the constant coughing I am doing if I talk too long (not good when you are a teacher) and the fact that it wakes me up in the middle of the night when I have a coughing attack. My morning sickness is gone and yesterday was the first day where I didn't feel like I had to take a nap to be able to survive the day. I had energy through the whole busy day. It was amazing! 

Yesterday I spent 3 hours looking for a black dress to wear in a photoshoot I have in my upcoming trip to Miami, thanks to Beachbody and me helping people everyday. I found an amazing dress, that was not maternity. It was a size 14. I tried it on because I just wanted to see what it was like. And it went on like a GLOVE! A 14! That is a size smaller than what I was wearing before I got pregnant. And to make sure that I wasn't losing my mind I went and got another size 14 dress by another brand (Jessica Simpson) and tried that on too, and it FIT! I was shocked. I did end up getting the first dress in a 16 though, for modesty reason I needed an extra inch on the bottom and the bigger size gave that to me but the fact that I fit in a 14 was amazing. Before that I was trying on dresses at Motherhood and I was fitting all the Large sizes and the XL was too big. CRAZY! I feel like I have a shrinking belly because I know it isn't as bloated as it was a few weeks ago but to be able to fit in a smaller size clothing was just astounding! Check out the pictures in the dressing room. Look at dem curves!!! VA-Va-VOOM! 

Total Weight Gain: 4.5 pounds

Symptoms: Morning sickness is gone! ENERGY is BACK! YAY! 
Baby’s Size: Orange
Maternity Clothes: Yes, bottoms need to wear maternity or stretchy pants. Tops still good to go on regular shirts! I did buy a non maternity dress that was even a size smaller than what I was wearing prior to getting pregnant! Super excited about that!
Stretch Marks: I already have a ton that I got when I gained weight years ago. So nothing new.
Gender: ??? It was too hard to tell. Hoping at my next ultrasound we will be able to see! 
Sleep: I am only waking up once a night to go to the bathroom. I have had a nasty cough for the past 2 weeks and I wake up once or twice a night hacking my lungs out. 
Miss Anything: Sleeping comfortably flat on my belly! Sleeping through the night.
Cravings: Veggies, and last night Hawaiian Haystacks
Aversions: nothing yet
Excited About: Feeling the baby move a ton! My upcoming trip to Miami next week with Beachbody.
Workouts: Graduated to the 2nd trimester workouts with Fit for Two and the Active Maternity! Kicking my butt but loving it! I'm getting out of breath so easily and my cough does not help at all.

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