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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Failure Leads to Success

Failure. Such a scary word right?!? How many times have we "failed" at something. Failure is just another way to get you to try something different to reach the results you want. Like a little stumble in the road. You don't sit down and not get up, eventually you get up and keep going. No matter what.

So many times I have gone from being overweight, to losing weight, to over weight, to losing weight. A lot of people probably think I am a failure. But you know what. I'm not. I have done a lot of process and error. Learned what works and what doesn't. And this past year, I finally found something that WORKS! Easy 30 minute workouts, and eating whole foods and really eating the foods that my body needs not just the things that I want to eat.

Looking at all these pictures makes me a little sad knowing for years I felt stuck and out of control. I had to either starve myself and do excessive exercise (2 hours a day at the gym on the elliptical) or just give into my cravings and gain weight. 

Thanks to listening to one of my close friends who suggested that I try a new workout routine and my daily shake I have finally found the "goldilocks" middle ground to eating as healthy as I can and still having a little indulgence every now and then and it feels AMAZING! Are you feeling stuck? Please msg me. Let's talk.
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