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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Missed Opportunities

Have you ever just looked back on your life at some point wishing that you just did it differently. The other day I was talking with some other ladies. And one mentioned that they have their 20th high school reunion coming up and how they were not so excited to go to it. I asked, "if you could go back to high school, would you?" Of course this is right out of the movies, 17 Again, but why do you think movies like that are so popular? I would go back in a hot second if I had the confidence in myself that I have right now. I would be more outgoing. I wouldn't be as shy. I don't think I would be as boy crazy because it shouldn't have been my huge focus anyways. And I would have loved my body I was in. (Heaven knows I would love to be 160 again!) I would appreciate my life a little more and my parents for that matter.

But I can't regret the way I was way back when, now. I have to learn from it. Understand that that is what made me how I am today. I would give anything to be what I weight in high school again. And that is why I am working on me. But that means that I need to love my body now and be impressed that it is as strong as it is. I am working on me.

I also can't regret any missed opportunities now. People not knowing what I do. Some people might not know a whole lot about me. Or how much I gave up to start my own business and now I have 2! I decided that working for someone else wasn't for me. I have not looked back since because I have been so blessed with finding students when I needed them and growing both my businesses! So I decided that I am going to tell you what I do so that you know from now on!

 So here it is! Me in a nutshell. I am a mommy of 2 super cute boys! An almost 4 year old and a beautiful 1 year old that is so patient with me he deserves to have anything he wants. I am a stay at home mom. And I love it! I hate working for other people. I always did. I always wanted to be the boss not be bossed around. And that is what led to me opening and starting my own business in teaching private music lessons. When we moved to VA we decided that I needed to look for a job at least until we had kids. After a week or so thinking about what to do. I dreaded going to my interviews and I said a quick prayer, "Please help me to know very quickly if this is what I should do or not." Within the first 5 minutes of the interview she mentioned something about the hours and I knew that it wouldn't work out for me in general. I just couldn't do it. I finally took the dive and decided that I wanted to teach piano privately. I have been teaching privately as a business setting for, goodness, almost 8 years now! I have relocated my studio and started it up again in that time once since we moved to another city. So I have started my business twice now. Fist time people came to me and I didn't even have to work at it. It just happened. But when we moved to a larger city, it took me almost 2 years to get to my goal of how many students I wanted in my studio. It took a lot of patience, and just getting out there and telling people. Putting myself out there. Plus a lot of word of mouth. I have taught and made a positive musical impact with over 100 students. It is amazing to see them learn and I love it!

I am also a coach through Beachbody. And that only came about because of this blog. I felt inspired to start my blog to help people start a new journey for themselves. To know that it can be done. That it takes a whole lot of work and patience but it can be done. Then a year ago I felt inspired to take my coaching through the blog to a whole new level! To work one on one, since I love doing that anyhow because of teaching. I love working with other people. I truly am a people person. I love seeing how strong my challengers get. How much they learn about themselves during the whole process is AMAZING! And for me personally it is such a blessing to have 2 "jobs" (they are so fun it doesn't seem like I am working honestly) that I am in charge of and know that I am impacting lives for the future in such a positive way! I have the freedom to still be with my kids, travel when we want to (within reason) and still be able to help contribute to our family financially.

I truly encourage you that if you ever felt inspired to do another type of work and thought that it could work. IT WILL! You just have to put your whole heart into it and go. Trust in yourself and God that he will help you accomplish the things you need to do. It might be super scary to leave what you have known for so many years but when you love what you do, your days are better, you find more joy in what you are doing and you don't feel like you are working but connecting with others! It is such an amazing experience!
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