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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Till We Meet Again

Tonight I said a physical goodbye to a very, very good friend of mine! She is moving to UT for the military and such is a military life. Where friends come and go. But let me tell you about this wonderful lady. She changed my life. She is the one I met at my very first race ever! I was petrified. I didn't know what the heck to do. Or what to expect. All I knew is that I was going to walk it and that I needed to go to the back of the pack and be with the walkers. Honestly I was looking around for all the people my size because I figured they would be the slower ones. (sorry but true)

I happened to stand in the vicinity of lots of strollers. I had left Mason with a friend to meet me at the finish line so I was child free. But I was just kind of observing the people around me. I kind of listened in on the conversation in front of me and heard one of the ladies mention military. It was a race honoring the 4 The Wounded Warrior Project but she knew military stuff. So I pipped up and said HI! The lady not holding the stroller introduced herself to me and I told her it was my very first race and how scared I was. She mentioned that her friend had left her jogging stroller at home and they had to walk it and invited me to walk it with them.
Janet and I at the 4th of July 5k

We began talking and I learned that she was an officer with the Air Force and a SMART one at that! I told her about my miscarriage a few weeks prior and how I wanted to get back into running. She then talked up the Woman's 4 miler training program. And when I mean talk, she talked about it a lot! And insisted on me doing it and that it would be awesome and exactly what I needed. And the whole 3.1 miles that is what she talked about. By the end of the race I told her that I would look into it and would probably do it. She said that she would see me there on the first day. And we have been friends since. I did see her there and she always made a point to remember me, and talk to me. We ran the same race the next month and was cheering me at the finish line. She cheered for me at the finish line of the 4 miler. And I asked her to be one of my safety runners when I did my first 10k at 10 weeks pregnant. She has been here for me whenever I needed her. We have become great friends over the last 2 years. She also got me into coaching for Beachbody and I am so thankful she did because I am making a difference in other people's lives like she did for me. She changed my life. I am so sad to see her go but it happens. I am so thankful for Facebook and other modern conveniences we have to allow me to never lose touch with her because she truly is an amazing person.
Me, Jen and Janet, my safety runners to make sure I was ok for my first 10k at 10 weeks pregnant.

Moral of the story: You never know who might become your next greatest friend. When you go somewhere, to an event, church, reading time at the library, even the grocery store. Just say hi to someone. Introduce yourself to someone. Make an effort to get to know someone and listen to what they have to say. Be interested. It might be scary but sometimes you can walk away with a great friend who you will always remember and always want to keep in touch with. God places people in our lives for a reason. Don't deny yourself that next great friend.

Janet, I love you, and will miss getting to hang out with you this summer in training and for fun movie nights like last night! Can't wait till we can hang out again! Safe travels and Thank You for all of your service for our country. You are amazing!
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