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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer Movies

I am so excited for a couple of movies coming out this summer! Are you? I don't go to the theaters that much so when I go it is for something I REALLY want to see! Here are my top picks:

Perfect Pitch 2! Already I have a girls night out planned for this one with my amazing friend J!

Jurassic World: I am going to drag Matt to this. I totally want to see it in the theater to see him squirm! And I saw the original Jurassic Park in the theater so this is totally nostalgic! 

Minions: Thinking about taking Mason to this but after last time he was in a theater...still debating! 

Fantastic 4: I think Matt might be dragging me to this one! 

What movies are you wanting to see this summer??? Comment below! 
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