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Sunday, February 9, 2014

February Week 1 Workout Recap

1st week of Feb is already over and done with. Anyone else think that time is FLYING BY?!? I can't believe that my race is only 2 weeks from today! After yesterday though I am very thankful that it is only 2 weeks from today because this body is ready to back off on its mileage. This week along, whew! I was one busy gal at the gym.

A few notes on how this week went. I am tired, like all the time. I feel like I go to sleep within a few pages of my book that I read when trying to go to sleep. On Friday night I was playing my hypnoBirthing CD instead of reading and I fell asleep at some point but when I woke up about 3 hours later I was in the same exact position I fell asleep in. I hadn't moved one bit which is odd for me since I am tossing and turning most nights now trying to get comfy! But the CD knocked me out! So thankful for the deep sleep I was able to get in those 3 hours.

I have still been having major round ligament pain in my lower belly. The taping does help on the long runs but I finally caved and got a support belt and it helped me a TON yesterday on the long run I did. I didn't hurt too bad until about mile 9 since that was the point at which I hadn't gone past. So it was new territory for my body but I have come to realize that mile nine is my, must push past point!

Also new to this week is the baby bouncing on my bladder. Every time I did a running stint Collin would sit right on my bladder so every step made me feel like I had to pee. Then when I did there was nothing there. Very uncomfortable and the belt seemed to help lift him off of that area which I was thankful for yesterday!

So here it is: My workout recap

Monday- rest
Tuesday- 3 miles run/walk (15:13 min/mile)
Wednesday-3 miles walk (16:20 min/mile)
Thursday- 1.5 miles (mile 1 at 14:30 min/mile; .5 mile 16 min/mile)
Prenatal yoga class
Friday-4 mile walk (16:23 min/mile)
Saturday- 11 mile run/walk (15:17 min/mile)- LAST long, long run before Princess half!

Total Mileage 22.5 miles at 26 weeks pregnant!
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