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Monday, February 10, 2014

Nesting: Round 1

I am almost 27 weeks pregnant and I am feeling that weird thing that happens to pregnant mommas. The urge to nest and make everything perfect before baby. I keep looking at my calendar and I just assume that Feb is a lost cause and that it is just going to fly by me and before I know it we are in March and then I only have 2 months to do anything. Because I am naturally OCD about certain things, I had already planned on having everything ready to go by April. But man oh man I am feeling that itch like crazy to just get started.

The first phase of the plan is this weekend to paint Mason's new room, a beautiful light grey I might add. All the new bedding for his "new big boy twin sized bed" is arriving this week, including the quilt which I was told was on back order until June but is currently being shipped to my house! And get that room all ready for him to move into when we get back from our trip. Planning on doing the second coat of paint next Monday and what's the point in moving him into his room when we are leaving 4 days later. But I will have it all set up made all pretty so that when we get home he can graduate to his new bed. And move all his clothing into the new walk-in closet in his new room (debating on getting a lock for the closet, advice?)
~The quilt for Mason's room and will have matching curtains, and getting a navy comforter for the winter months.~
March, paint the nursery and change the current toddler bed to a crib with the mattress set super high for a baby, (AH, IT WILL BE FOR A TINY BABY AGAIN!) And get it set up with the changing table in it. And put the baby clothing for 0-3 months or 0-6. However much I can fit in there.

April, all the bags packed for the "just in case" and pack n play assembled. Car seat set in the van by 36 weeks. See how OCD I AM! But I will tell you I am starting to get nervous because I look at my calendar and it is just flying by. Even if I take it just a month at a time, the months will fly by being busy with teaching, concerts and prepping for baby. I just have to make it to May 3rd. I can have the baby anytime after May 3rd. (That is the date of my studio's piano recital. I will be huge but that's ok. It's my last day of teaching before baby.)
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