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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good Days & Bad Days

I am at that point where I will often have a good running day and a bad running day thanks to this little guy I'm carrying. And they can be completely back to back. Case in point: Yesterday. BAD RUNNING DAY. The whole day my stomach just felt queasy and every time I got ready to go running I would need to postpone because it just didn't feel right. So I didn't run or walk yesterday.

Today, good running day! I felt strong and ready to get going. Mason is the one who took forever to let me get him dressed to get to the gym. I did my 3 miles with a different type of plan in mind, didn't really work and went back to my old plan but at least I tried something new. I still finished in just over my 15 min/mile requirement I have placed for myself. The first mile and a half though, wow, my round ligament doesn't like me very much but after that point it lessened up a bit and I was able to continue. But now I know that it will take me at least 2 miles to feel comfy running.

On another note, all the half marathon paperwork is up on RunDisney along with the course map. I found out what corral I am in, and it isn't the last one, YEA! But there are also 1,778 other runners with me in my corral alone! Looking at the map too, after this Saturdays run I will know I can do 11 miles and miles 12 and 13 are at Epcot so that makes me happy because once I am in Epcot I know I will almost be done! The only thing they don't list on the course map is the bathroom stops! I know that there is a "real" restroom in Tomorrow land. But reading another blogger today from her review of the marathon is that there were really long lines for that bathroom, for most of them, so a little worried there because I don't have too much time that I can slow down and stop and I will probably need at least 2 stops. Anyhew! Less than 3 weeks to go! I CAN DO THIS!

QOTD: What do you do when you have a "bad" running day?
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