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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Giving Guide for the Fledgling Runner

It's that time of year again for people to be asking you, "What do you want for Christmas?" Well, every year I have some idea, this year I really didn't. So what better way to figure out what I would like/actually need for running than to actually sit down and figure it out. Being a new runner I don't have a ton of running clothing. I have generally worked out in a gym so I could wear tank tops year round and shorts but now that I am running outside in this frigid weather, I AM SO NOT DRESSED FOR SUCESS right now! The mornings that I have run I have been freezing and even after running for a bit I am still cold or too hot and sweaty in my current jacket that I am running in because it is not for running. So here goes a list of some items with varying prices from low to VERY high! (But an investment in your new sport.)

1. When we were at the turkey trot we were FREEZING! My toes and hands were the worst.  We were talking with a lady decked out in awesome running apparel and she pointed out her gloves that were flip tips so that you could have your fingers free of material but then flip the top up to keep them nice and toasty. AND they are at TARGET! Check out these Champion flip tip gloves - $16.99

2. As I said earlier, I have the wrong jacket for running. I have an Old Navy Fleece jacket that is tight fitting but does not wick the sweat away. I get hot and stuffy very early on which makes me need to take it off and then I am FREEZING for the remainder of my run. I have been eyeing these Under Armour infrared jackets for awhile and they have the thummy holes! -$124.99

3. Recently somebody, Matt, borrowed my headphones and somebody, ahem, Matt, LOST THEM! ARGH! So now I have no running headphones. GRRR! So I am in the market for some new ones. Another blogger I follow, Healthy Heddleston, posted these on her site and I have been eyeing them for a couple of days now, debating. They look great and they won't come popping out of ears when running because they hook around the back of the ear. So here is a great idea for headphones! Koss Fitclips - $19.99

4. In staying warm I don't want to wear a beanie or a hat. But my ears need to stay warm. These looked cute and for the price, can't beat that! Turtle fur headbands - $10.50

5. When I first joined the Women's 4 Miler training program, I asked my friend Janet what will I need when running in the cold. The first thing she said is that she likes to wear arm sleeves. When she gets hot she just rolls them down and she is good. So this site has super cute fun patterns for sleeves to choose from! Running Skirts Arm Sleeves - $39.00

6. So the running tops I have are tank tops and 1 short sleeve shirt. I use the short sleeve shirt for running outside now, under my fleece jacket. NOT GOOD! but my shirt I have is a running tech shirt so that helps to wick the sweat off my skin but the jacket makes it stuffy. I need some long-sleeved tops. Target has some great priced ones but these Under Armour cozy necks long sleeved shirts look so nice and comfy! But they are pricy, maybe just 1 for the super cold mornings. - $49.99

7. Again I have shorts and 1 pair of capri pants. So I am in the market for a few more pairs of running pants. I don't think I could pull off tights or feel comfortable wearing super tight pants. Just not my thing. And I know the compression pants would be great for my legs, just not great looking, yet. But these Nike capris look pretty nice and it would be something I would try out since my current shorts and capris are all Nike I am used to their style and fit. Nike Epic Running Capris - $75

So here are some ideas. I am sure that I could come up with more but these are what I have for now! Happy hunting and if you have any other ideas on the goods for a fledgling runner leave a comment below!

QOTD: What are your must haves for cold weather running?
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