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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another Year Older

Another year wiser, so they say. I know I have learned a lot in the last year but I still don't feel very wise. I have made some wise choices though, I am running and exercising now. That is pretty smart. I have been teaching in C-ville for nearly a year now, I feel pretty smart doing that with my own business and all. I still think I married THE BEST MAN OF ALL TIME, so yeah, pretty smart there. Love playing in the symphony and doing well, most of the time, check for smartness there. So things are going pretty well.

I am looking forward to my 32nd year, (EEK! Nearly mid 30's) We will introduce a new little soul into this world, I will be a "new mom" again, ok a little nervous about that part. I will continue to teach (with a little time off for mommy and baby, of course) I will run in my first 1/2 marathon. Only a goal I made a few years ago. I think this next year will go pretty well.

Goals for my next year of life: I want to run in more races! Bigger distance races. I would love to do 2 1/2 marathons next year. One in Feb and one post baby. Still trying to decide which one to do post baby though. I look forward to learning how to be a mommy to 2. I want to eat better overall and get back to my pre-pre pregnancy weight (the weight I was before Mason) So let's see where I end up next year. But here's to me to having a great day, (which I will because of my BFF who is sending me cupcakes for my birthday! with plenty to freeze from my fav place GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES! And gluten free! Love you K!)

Also, tomorrow is my turkey trot race recap so make sure to check back. Fun race!

QOTD: Do you prefer a cake or cupcakes?
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