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Friday, December 6, 2013


Hello my blogging friends! I just wanted to give an update and thankfully it doesn't require me to speak because I sound like a frog! I croak out words right now. I have no voice. And believe me, I am a talker and it is weird not being able to talk, at all. My poor son doesn't even understand me. I called the hubs home from work today to help take care of me but mainly my son as I can not communicate with him.

Anyhew I will have the race recap up as soon as I can but I am just resting today. I am doing this during my lunch break, must eat for the baby. Other than that I have been resting and sleeping. (I am not even going to rehearsal tonight because of this so that I won't be worse tomorrow. I haven't miss rehearsals, in a very long time. Especially on a dress rehearsal evening the day before our concert. BAD MOJO!)

But I have to take care of myself and that involves me going back up to my bed and resting and sleeping some more! Night all!
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