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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Life

I am feeling much better today. The flu like symptoms I had yesterday are gone, but the stuffy nose is here to stay. I think Mace might be getting a stuffy nose so I will take him to the gym today and tomorrow until he is sick that I can't. (They have a pretty strict no sick kid policy, which I totally understand.)

So I guess today is another How wonderful life is moment because I am just happy. I watched Mason climb up on the counter to his cabinet and get his sippy cup down and ask to be filled. Then he went to the fridge and asked nicely for some yogurt. Now he is eating it all on his own, but complaining every little bit because he has yogurt on the side of his mouth and he doesn't like making a mess. He understands these little things and knows how to tell me them, (just not in words quite yet) but he is such a smart little guy.

Tomorrow is a new year for my life. I love where my life is right now. It is exactly where I want it to be. I am thankful for the time I had with my husband before we got blessed with Mason because was are stronger because of it, and it allowed us to do things we probably wouldn't have been able to do. I am glad for when Mason arrived because it really was the "perfect time" for me and us. He helped me during the year of deployment to get through it. And even though we had 2 losses in the last year it helped me know what plan God had for me and that his timing is ultimately the right timing! Now we are expecting a healthy new baby next spring and I am just nervous and excited! I am just thankful today as this is my last day as 31. So a new year begins tomorrow with new goals!
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